GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL Festival, which commenced under the motto “ethical idea and humble action for better tomorrow,” its nine spring is coming. Unleashing the sweet, warm sentiment of spring into blunt, dry atmosphere of metropolis. Instilling dreamy, fluttering memoires of good music and good people into people’s heart. Check out the past seven years of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL. (Click the image to magnify the picture)

FROM 201O TO 2017


GPS 2016 – Delightful music picnic under warm, cozy sunlight, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2016

Seventh spring of <GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2016>, held at Nanji Hangang Park, had come. GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2016, where everyone goes hand in hand and enjoy the air filled with scent of fresh, green sprouts, received much compliments from audience, due to its decent artist lineups and smooth management at the scene. This year, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, which, based on the motto of “ethical idea and humble action for better tomorrow,” started from concerns toward the environment, concerns to enable everyone can harmoniously and happily live in environment, starts its new project, "GP1.5℃,” showing its unremitting fervor and affection for environment. For this, we, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, are trying our best to prudently share our diverse, ethical idea through music, and lovely and lively sentiment of spring.


GPS 2015 – Meaningful, significant leap of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, festival of rich contents

Along with live performances of 95 teams of top artists in Korea on Seven Stages (MOON, SKY, SUN, EARTH, BUSKING, PICNIC Stage), the festival strengthened its contents sections, which can also be enjoyed as the very festival itself. Contents sections range from vigorous events, F&B vendors to environmental campaigns. Specifically, green campaign zone, where one can participate in various environment campaigns, green culture market based on upcycling and recycling are included. Starting from this point, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL received fervent response from 50,000 audiences who filled the Nanji Hangang Park, and took one step further as a symbolic festival of spring which delivers significant environmental messages to people.


GPS 2014 – Tragedy of Sewol ferry and Procrastination of festival

GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, in its 5th anniversary, tried to hold its 5th year anniversary events and prepared more rich and balanced line-ups. However, due to Sewol ferry tragedy at April 16th, most of festivals and concerts were either cancelled or suspended without a time limit. Amidst this national tragedy and sorrow, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2014, which was initially planned to be held at May 3rd ~ 4th, for two days, was inevitably procrastinated and held at June 1st. With the audience who still visited the festival despite of the hot, scorching weather of summer, we shared hope and consolation through music.


GPS 2013 – Bad weather can never stop us!

GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2013, the fourth festival, received much love from the audience, hitting sold-out of all the tickets. The most unforgettable scene of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2013, where so many audiences visited, is definitely the moment when musicians, staffs and audience became one in the pouring rain. In the second day of the festival, unexpected torrential rain poured. We diligently dealt with the situation. We provided raincoats to the audience and installed temporary tents at the stage for people’s safety. KimC of Hot Potato, who thought that he cannot leave only the audience in this heavy rain, ran out of the tent and held performance of friendship. Headliners of the day including YB and Clazziquai, who performed in the rain, yelled “Thank you, I love you!” to the audience, making the best stage together with the audience.


GPS 2012 – GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, emerging as a symbolic festival of spring

2012 was the 3rd festival of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL and 2nd festival held at Nanji Hangang Park. It is the time when GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL emerged as a symbolic festival of spring. The festival improved in many ways, in that compared to last two festivals, we tried to prepare a more various lineups and we delivered stronger and significant environmental messages to the audience.


GPS 2011 – From Noeul Park to Nanji Hangang Park  

2011, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, its second festival took place in Nanji Hangang Park, not in Noeul Park. With wide, open Han River at the backdrop, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL was held, with 110 top musicians from Korea and abroad, including NOBRAIN, JAURIM, Paris Match, and audiences, the number of which is much more than the previous festival. At the stage of UV, a music team who visited GREEN PLUGGED twice, everybody stood up and danced at ‘Itaewon Freedom’ in synchrony.

GPS 2010-8
GPS 2010-8

GPS 2010 – The first leap of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL

GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL started at Noeul Park, where Nanji waste dumpsite, a place where nasty foul and pollutant were released, transformed into a symbolic place of environmental restoration. We started with five separate stages – SUN, EARTH, MOON, SKY, WIND, and 116 musician teams and audience. At the second day of festival, despite of heavy rain, many audiences had great time and were immersed into music and we, once again, discovered hint of green in this dark, bleak and gray metropolis.