General Information and Notification

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General information and Notification

Age standard of GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2017

  • Adult: American age 19 and above American age 19 (Born before May 20, 1998)

  • Adolescent: Above American age 7 ~ until American age 18. (Born after May 21, 1998 and before May 20, 2010.)

  • Free Entrance: Child who is younger than American age 7 and accompanies adult guardian. (Born after May 21, 2010)

Ticket and Entrance of GREEN PLUGGED 2017

  • Ticket Booth opens at 10 A.M. Gate opening and Entry starts at 10:50 A.M.

  • Please be extra careful in keeping the ticket, because we are not re-issuing the ticket in any case. Please do not forget to bring it at the day of the festival.

  • Concerning two-day entrance wristband, you have to wear it from May 20 (Sat) to 21 (Sun), until the very time when the concert ends. When damaged or removed, re-issuing of the band and re-entrance are NOT allowed.

  • In case that you are worried about the damaging of wristband, please visit Ticket Booth without cutting the wristband. We will change it into the new one.

  • For all the audience who would like to purchase alcohol, please go through the adult authentication procedure at Ticket Booth. Please bring your ID card, in case ID card may be necessary to check your age.

  • Regarding the entrance of preschoolers, who do not have their own ID cards, guardians have to show certified copy of ID card, family relationship certificate and medical insurance card at the Ticket Booth. Please be aware that if you do not bring such document to the Ticket Booth, you can enter only by paying difference or the total amount of money.

  • We are not responsible for problems that occur from illegal ticket, secondhand ticket transactions.

  • Transferring Invitation Tickets and Event Tickets is prohibited.

Shuttle Bus and Purchase of Parking Ticket

  • Free shuttle bus for the audience, which runs from Exit 2 of Digital Media City (DMC) Station (Line 6) to the festival, starts running from 9 A.M. The bus will run after the festival, until all the audiences safely arrive the station.

  • Parking lot is run by private firm. At the day of the festival, other citizens who use camping site, baseball field, yacht dock, and park will also use the same parking lot. At weekends, there will be a dire congestion in roads and parking lots in the park as well as Gangbyeon Expressway. Therefore, we highly recommend you to take public transportation and free shuttle bus instead of car.

Signing Event

  • For two days, starting from 12:00 P.M., we will distribute waiting number tickets to the audience. 20 people at signing event booth, 10 people from those who bought CDs at CD market, and 10 people who first arrive at the signing event booth on time. Waiting number tickets will be distributed; first come, first served.

  • Schedule can be changed or delayed due to artist’s situation or emergency situation.

  • One waiting number ticket per person. You can receive a ticket for one musician that you selected.

  • For artists at the signing event, we highly recommend you to get your sign at CDs or related MDs.

General Management

  • Due to unexpected, sudden events or artist’s personal matters, part of the festival schedule can be either changed or procrastinated.

  • Even when it rains, the festival will be continued. In case it rains, we will provide raincoat to all the audience at the Information Center.

  • In festival, alcohol can be purchased, only if staffs check the wristband that have passed adult authentication process. Also, bring your ID card, so that staffs can check your age.

  • Cloakroom closes right after the end of the festival. Please take your own things before the festival ends.

  • Having the chance of losing, please keep your valuables by yourself.

  • Finding lost article, leave it to Information Center.

Notification for Audience

  • Installation of tents, high camping stools is prohibited in the festival. Please consider everyone else’s stance.

  • Pets are not allowed in the festival. Please consider stances of many other audiences.

  • Put your waste in the Oxo-Biodegradable waste bag, which is provided during your entrance, and dispose the bag in the designated trash can.

  • Soup-like foods, such as delivery Chinese food, ramyun are prohibited in the festival.

  • Please avoid heavy drinking. Not only does heavy drinking ruins yourself, but also ruins other people’s delight.

  • Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area. 

  • When standing audiences around the stage increase, move your picnic mat to the back.

  • In festival, we strictly forbid the usage of flammable devices and electric heater, such as portable gas stove and electric stove. Also, we strictly forbid the usage of fireworks, LPG, butane gas and thinner. Cooking and eating that involves flammable devices are forbidden. When caught using aforementioned devices, the devices can be restrained and confiscated by the staff or safety guard. When refusing to follow, you can be forcibly sent out from the festival.

  • Please abide the directions of staffs, for the sake of smooth organization of festival. When not abiding the directions, you can be forcibly sent out from the festival.

  • In case any medical emergency situation happens, immediately tell the staffs, Information Center and Medical Aid.

  • Nanji Hangang Park is our precious asset. Even after the festival and when you are returning home, we really do need your help in keeping the park clean.

[FAQ] Ticket and Entrance

  • Is there anything necessary to purchase/receive adolescent discount ticket?

    ID card (driver’s license, passport, student ID, anything that has birth date and name on it) is necessary. Those who purchased adolescent discount ticket wear adolescent wristband. They are unable to bring and drink alcohol in the festival. When caught, they will have to leave the festival.

  • Is there anything necessary to purchase discount ticket for veterans and disabled?

    Concerning discount ticket of disabled and veterans, discount rate is only valid to the one’s own ticket, and his/her company cannot get the discount. When receiving the ticket on-site, you need to bring disabled certificate or national merit certificate with your ID card to receive/purchase discount ticket.

  • Is there anything necessary to receive discount ticket?

    Because discount tickets (discount for adolescent, the disabled, patriots and veterans) are only available, when you reserve your own ticket by yourself (not by others), you cannot receive these tickets via mail, but only on-site. Accordingly, at the day of the festival, purchaser of discount ticekt has to visit the Ticket Booth and show your student ID or and disabled certificate or national merit certificate to get in the festival. Please keep in mind that if you do not bring aforementioned certificates with you, you have to pay the difference (KRW 23,000), on-site.

  • Can ticket received via mail be reissued?

    Regarding ticket, which you received via mail or which you already got from the Ticket Booth, you cannot reissue it. Reissuing lost/damaged ticket is not allowed. Please take extra care, special concern when keeping it.

  • What is needed to receive online-reservation ticket on-site?

    When you check ‘pickup,’ while you are entering the information for delivery method at on-line reservation popup, the identity of buyer and receiver has to be same. So, please bring buyer’s own ID card (driver’s license, passport, ID card, student card, etc - whatever that has photo, birthdate and name on it.) If one person buys more than two tickets, then the company has to bring ID card (checking age) and certificate (checking Special Admission discount). This goes for both one-day ticket buyers and two-day ticket buyers.

  • Do you check audience’s belongings at the entrance?

    As GREEN PLUGGED respects the audience, we will not conduct baggage inspections at the entrance. We leave it to your own judgement. It is your decision to bring whatever you want, as long as it does not mar the fun and safety of the festival. Keep in mind that if you use or install regulated items, staffs and security can restrain your actions and take away them.

  • How can preschoolers enter?

    Regarding preschoolers, who do not have their own ID cards, guardians have to bring certified copy of ID card, family relationship certificate and medical insurance card. Please keep in mind that without such document, you can enter only by paying difference or the total amount of money.  

  • Can I transfer our wristband to others?

    Wristbands are NON-TRANSFERABLE. When caught transferring or counterfeiting your wristband, not only will you be confiscated by the security, but also hold civil/criminal liability. When you see others doing such illegal actions, please report to nearby staffs, security, Information Center, and other nearby festival booths.

  • Can we freely go in and out of the festival place, during the concert?

    Wristband (One-day ticket) is not a single-use ticket, but a free pass, which enables audiences to freely enjoy the concert and go in and out of the festival place whenever they want to. So you can enter and exit the festival place until the end of the festival, which is printed on the wrist band. When you go in and out, show your wrist band to staffs who are standing at each stage gate.

  • Can pets go into the festival, too?

    Due to excretion problem, loss of pets and damages that pets can inflict on other audiences, pets are not allowed to the festival. Since GREEN PLUGGED does not have any special facilities to take care of pets, please do not bring your pets.

  • Can we bring lunch box to the festival?

    We, GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL, want all of you to enjoy ‘Music Trip of Beautiful Day in Spring.’ We want your GREEN PLUGGED to be ‘The Happiest Music Festival.’ Here, delicious lunch box would be a must. Yet, we ask your cooperation, to refrain from using disposable container and to pack it in reusable container. Also, due to the amount of waste the food produce, we ask you to refrain from bringing instant foods, which you buy in bulk at marts.

  • Can we bring flammable devices to the festival? Can we cook and eat our meal at the festival.

    We ban the usage of flammable devices in the festival – portable burner, electric stove, electric heater, fireworks, and ignitable materials such as LPG/butane gas, thinner are all banned. Cooking and eating using such devices are banned. When caught using them, staffs and security can confiscate them and when refusing to follow this direction, you can be exited from the festival.

  • Can we bring alcohol to the festival?

    Adults are allowed to bring alcohol, but we ask you to avoid bringing alcohols of high strength (e.g. soju, hard liquor.) If you conduct inappropriate actions, you will be restrained by staffs and security and exited out of the festival. Remember - To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short! 

  • How many bottles of wine can we bring? Can we bring wine glasses?

    There is no limitation on the number of the bottles you bring. You can bring as many as you want, but not to the extent that you get completely drunk. Also, we highly recommend you to bring plastic cups, which is not as fragile as glass cups. Also, please pay extra care of keeping the wine bottle, which is very brittle. In case it breaks, immediately clean up and call the staffs nearby for their help.

  • Are there reserved seats in the park?

    GREEN PLUGGED SEOUL is a standing concert, which has no reserved seats. Not only can you freely enjoy the concert at any place, but you also can take a rest on your picnic mat. However, you may not spread your picnic mat at standing zone, a specially designated area near the stage. Not only does it mar the delight of other audiences, but it is also very dangerous.   


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